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Frosé Fantasy

Frosé Fantasy Moisturizer
Facial Tanning Mask with DHA Bronzers
1.7 US fl. oz

For dewy daydream pillow plump results, let your skin take a sip of Frosé Fantasy™! Indulge in this velvety smooth, creamy concoction and you will be whisked away to the luminescent glowy results of perfected, radiant skin! A pampering satin blend utilizes body quenching electrolytes and sweet smoothie antioxidants to provide your skin with vital vitamins and nourishing nutrients. Blended with Bubbly Champagne Extracts and indulgent Sugarcane Squalane allows for luxuriously sleek and touchably toned results that last long after happy hour! If you’re ready to sip, satisfy and savor lust worthy results, then make a toast to treat your skin with Frosé Fantasy™!


Frosé Fantasy

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18.25 oz


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