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Salty Lime Slushie

For sun up to sun down moisture, quench your thirst for hydration with Salty Lime Slushie! This refreshing after sun infusion utilizes exotic mango butters, sweet agave and exhilarating cactus water to deeply nourish and replenish lost moisture after sun exposure, or anytime your skin is seeking to savor the softness. Garnished with skin calming calendula, complexion perfecting avocado extracts and an ultra-softening ceramide blend allows Salty Lime Slushie to be the intoxicating mixture of moisture to quench your craving for a smooth blend of softness!


  • 24-Hour After Sun Daily Moisturizer
  • 24-Hour Daily After Sun Replenisher
  • Color Extending Moisture Lock Technology
  • Electrolyte Rich Cactus Water
  • Ultra-Hydrating Agave
  • Skin Softening Mango Butter
  • Skin Calming Calendula Extracts
  • Ceramide Complex
  • Pore Tightening Sea Salt
  • Super Smoothing Coconut Oils
  • Toning Caffeine Extracts
  • Detoxifying Avocado Extracts
  • Tattoo & Color Prolonging Technology
  • Salty Lime Slushie Fragrance


Salty Lime Slushie

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